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Who Are We?

Exercise is a lifestyle choice which will become a change in the way you hold yourself. Here at Exercise, Fitness and Wellness, we are passionate about helping others achieve their goals in fitness and wellness of their lives. As Exercise Science majors, we strive to bring people from their sedentary lifestyles to a more active and healthier lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, a former athlete, or just an everyday person looking to improve your physical fitness in Colorado then you have come to the right place. If you want to know more about Circuit Training and Interval Training Click on the Link Below

Personal Training Sessions

Incorporating a regular fitness routine is always key into finding that next level of fitness. Having a trainer should be like having a friend train you and not some stranger just giving you a workout and leaving after 30 minutes. To me Personal Training is very important because I live to help people reach their next level of fitness. Our personal training sessions are unique, and ever changing so no one will ever do the same workout twice. We will work with you at any fitness level and push you beyond your goals so you can see results fast and in a healthy/timely manner. Check out our discounted personal training sessions. 

How To Go From Couch to 5K?

Have you always wanted to do a race or fun run but you didn’t know how to train for it? Well we offer individual and group training sessions where we can get you off the couch and start running races in no time….

Keep Up To Date With Us

Here at Exercise, Fitness & Wellness, we keep up to date with the latest workouts and supplements. Check Out News Page and see whats new in Health and Wellness by Clicking on “Keep Up To Date With Us.”
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Group Training Runs

I If you are interested in training and want to meet more people who are passionate about running and want to help you succeed then look no further as running groups are starting up in the Colorado area. We will meet at different locations each session and work on different areas of running. If you are interested sign up for the free introduction session offered once a week where you get to meet the coach and others in your area, 

Exercise Prescription 

Exercise Prescriptions are custom tailored workouts based on your personal physiology and there will not be any other workouts like it. These custom workouts will be determined through testing which our staff is trained on how to use them properly so you can get the results you want fast. We measure your personal physiology such as height, weight, age, level of flexibility and strength, gender, and skin folds. Based on our measurements we can tailor your workouts to fit into your schedule. We do not offer dietary schedules currently so we recommend you talk to a dietitian  to get the full results you want and crave. Click on the apple below for more detail...
Picture taken at Kinetic Fitness Studio COMING SOON
Exercise Fitness and Wellness is excited to announce that we are developing workout programs that you can buy and download on line. High Quality Workouts that will work you to your limits but leave you wanting more!!!!

Train In Castle Rock

Come join us in Castle Rock Colorado for group running sessions at a reasonable price.
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