SkiErg Machine Demo Workouts

You may be asking what the hell am I talking about? Well these machines are used to work on the legs, arms, back, chest and core. It gives you a full body workout with hundreds if not thousands of ways to use it. If you use it correctly you will see the results you want to see. Below are three links showing demonstrations of SkiErg Workouts with music for rhythm. Demonstration 1 Demonstration 2 Demonstration 3


Improper Form

We have all been in a situation where we thought we had good form such as running but what if i told you that only a small percentage of people know how to run properly and the rest are hurting themselves. I am here to teach you how it should look when you strike the ground. If you sign up I will teach you more than how your feet should strike the ground. My goal is to bring you to a new level of fitness one step at a time,


Improper Form

Form is everything when it comes to running, cycling, swimming, lifting and even yoga. Below are links to show you what improper form look like when it comes to exercising. I will upload one video a week to show you improper form for different exercises

Bench Pressing Too Much Weight 

This looked like it hurt.

Shrugging Gone Wrong

Ouch my neck.
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Healthy Living 

Looking for interesting facts about healthy living. Well check out Health.com they have good stories and can learn a lot about a healthy way of living. Check it out here by clicking on the icon below...  

Supplements: What is Creatine

Supplements can help you in a workout but only if you understand what you need to do to take them. Today lets talk about something called Creatine. Personally, I take a daily supplement of Creatine to get me through a workout. You may be asking yourself what is Creatine. It is a natural substance produced in your body that gives muscles the energy (ATP) it needs to contract. The more Creatine in your system, the more your muscle fibers contract while you are lifting weights. It allows more blood to flow through your arteries and veins which brings more ATP and oxygen to your muscles so you can push them harder and longer. Creatine is not a steroid, which is a common misconception. Steroids do a similar thing by bringing more blood to your muscles but steroids influence your hormones especially testosterone, which can cause violent mood swings if left unchecked. I would recommend Creatine to anyone weight lifting who wants to put on size fast as well as lean muscle but only after approval of your doctor especially those with any heart conditions, diabetes, or over age of 40. Once you start taking it, read the directions as it will specify that you drink 8-10 big glasses of water daily to see results and prevent a build up of lactic acid (the chemicals released by the muscles after working out that make you feel sore). 

Toe Striking 

You may be thinking that this is not the proper way to run, but it is. With research I have conducted at college and from personal experience, I have found that toe striking is the way to go. The science behind toe striking. Have you ever noticed that when you run on turf of any kind on a field, bare footed, and noticed that you are on your toes? This is how human beings are supposed to run according to our bodies physiology. you see running is supposed to be a springing motion and it should propel you forward. If you start running on your toes than you will realize that you are faster as a runner. PLEASE NOTE THAT RUNNING ON YOUR TOES REQUIRES YOU TO STRETCH YOUR GASTROCNEMIUS (CALF) MORE THAN YOU NORMALLY DO AND WE ARE NOT LIABLE IF YOU INJURE YOURSELF DUE TO A LACK OF STRETCHING .

Heel Stiking

You may already be running this way and think its ok to do so. I’m going to tell you it is ok but only if you have extremely padded shoes. Even then, you are not free from injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, or even a micro fracture on your heel. I would recommend that you switch your way of running to toe striking if you experience any pain running on your heels. If pain continues after switching ways of running and it is in the same spot then i would recommend that you see your doctor as it could be something serious.

Important News for Fitness Enthusiasts

5/21/2015 Interval Training vs. Circuit Training

Interval Training vs. Circuit Training

&  The Benefits of Cross Training

Written By: Trent Johnson

Difference between Interval and Circuit Training

Interval Training: workouts that are based on cardio and body weight exercises with a

combination of both types of exercises.

Ex: Running 400 meters on a track 4 times with rest, decline pushups, pull ups, etc.

Circuit Training: workouts that are based on using weights for a workout with a median

between a high amount of sets and a high amount of repetitions simultaneously

EX: Power Cleans, Back Squats, Clean & Jerk, Burpee to Clean & Jerk, Squat Thrusters,


Benefits of Interval and Circuit Training 

Interval Training: Interval training helps increase cardiovascular Strength and Endurance

(Aerobic) as well as builds slow twitch and fast twitch muscles depending on the workouts

intensity and duration. Interval training workouts are designed to burn off glucose and fat cells

of the body while slowly building muscle over time. These workouts can be designed to increase

strength for activities such as rock climbing and power swimming. On the flip side it could be

used for increasing aerobic muscular capacity for aerobic exercises like sprints and plyometrics.

Circuit Training: Circuit Training increases strength and muscular stability in the joints as well as

quick cardiovascular strength (anaerobic).  Circuit training can build both slow and fast twitch

muscle but 65-75% of the time it primarily build slow twitch muscles as to avoid a lot of injury

from throwing the weights around uncontrollably. Circuit training workouts are designed to

burn more fat than just lifting normal weights. Circuit training involves a full body workout that

works major and minor muscle groups at the same time while weight lifting focuses primarily on

specific muscles and rest periods tend to be longer as a result.  Circuit training also increases

muscle mass and muscular definition as a result of training.

Cross Training: these workouts are customized to fit the needs and goals that you are trying to

seek. Based off of your body composition and your current fitness level, I can customize the

workout so that anyone at any fitness level can complete a workout. Each day, the workouts

vary between how much circuit training there is and how much interval training there is. When

you do circuit training or interval training you will only burn between 100-250 calories an hour

but if you incorporate both into a training routine and they are spread out in key points in the

workout then you will burn upwards of 400-700 calories an hour depending on how intense you

make the workout and how much rest you incorporated in the workout. The key to burning

more calories is to complete as many reps as possible with little to no stopping in the routine

outside of the rest times.

When you increase the time and decrease the rest to 5-10 seconds for transition only

`with the rest either at the end of the workout or after every set, then your body is working

harder which is a result of the body trying to cool itself down from increased heat from the

workout and constant activation of protagonist and antagonist muscles of the body. In which

case, your body burns twice as many calories than normal workouts. 

Incorporating Both into Training

The key to incorporating both circuit and interval training into a workout is to understand that

these workouts need to be done with a small amount of rest similar to a Tabata style workout and rest.

The difference between Tabata and circuit/interval training is that the workouts are longer and the rests

are shorter than normal. These workouts are often called a double or triple Tabata on occasion because

they can range from a work time of 40 sec to 90 seconds.   As stated above, the calorie burn on average

is usually 550 calories that is between the limit of 400-700 calories. The reason you burn more calories is

because of a combination of neuromuscular stabilization, muscle confusion and incorporating heavy

weights with quick (but controlled) movements. The reason we have to use more neuromuscular control

is because while we workout with interval and circuit training combination then we need to keep

ourselves balanced and standing during the workout. Muscle confusion is defined as a movement that

your muscles in your body have no memory of doing and is trying its hardest to learn how to do it

correctly and as a result we burn twice as many calories so the muscle can learn to do the movement.

When we incorporate heavy movements with a lot of repetitions then we tend to use 3 or more major

muscle group in each movement and when we have simultaneous movements then more energy rushed

to the activated muscle groups to successfully complete the movements. If there is a worry about a

plateau , then do not fret too much because it is a common fact that we will all hit some sort of plateau

once or twice while working out. With this style of workout, your body will never be able to adapt fully

to the workout because the workouts are ever changing in strength and endurance. Overall, circuit and

interval training might seem difficult but I will customize each workout to your individual needs and

capabilities as well as make sure correct form is attained as to prevent any future injuries.