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From 5K to 10K

Now you have either gone from the couch to your first 5K and are now ready to move on or you are currently running 5K races but want to expand your horizons. Well look no further as you can start working over the course of 8-10 weeks of training to cross that finish line at your first 10K race or retrain for your 10K race series. A 10K race, for those who do not know, is a 6.2 mile run. This will bring you to a whole new level of running where each session is an hour and a half and meeting two days a week or more if necessary. Required to run on your own one or two days when not in a session. Maximum of 8 people per group.

From 10K to Half Marathon

You have come this far in your training, why not go further. Lets talk half marathons for a second. Its 13.1 miles with your name on it. Are you ready for the challenge? After 12 weeks of training you can go from competing with everyone else to the big leagues with other half marathon runners. These sessions will build up to 2 hours and 30 minutes in length where you can complete at least 13 miles. Sessions will meet 3-4 days a week and no running on the days off. This will test you and show you what you are made of. We cannot guarantee you will not get injured and are not reliable if you fall and injure yourself while training. It is up to you to stretch, warm up and cool down on your own from here. Maximum of 8 people per group. 

From 13.1 to Sprint Triathlon

You have done the distance but how about we change it up with three different sports in one race. This group requires you to know how to swim already as well as have your own bike to race with and we are not responsible for injury while you are training. These classes will be designed to teach you proper form in swimming, biking and running. Training will have to be completed outside of each session. If classes want to meet and cover specific areas such as swimming in a pool, it will be done upon request.

Exercise Prescription

You may be asking yourself what is exercise prescription? Exercise Prescription is where we write you a specified exercise plan with warm ups, stretching, workouts, cool downs and possibly some diet tips. We based these prescriptions on assessments that we can either do in person or on-line. If in person, which get the best results, we preform skin fold testing, height, weight, age, gender, one-minute strength testing which involves push ups and squats with no weights, and flexibility testing which includes: shoulder flexibility, hip flexibility, hamstring flexibility, and spinal flexibility. Upon request we can perform functional moment tests to see how functional you are. If done over the INTERNET, I will send you an email explaining how to do flexibility tests on yourself as well as your height, weight, age gender, as well as the strength testing. Also we will ask you how long you have been working out for recently as well as and medical conditions that need to be shared with us. These are given upon request and will be delivered within 1-2 weeks of being given your information. I would highly recommend these to anyone starting a workout with this organization either on-line or in-person. We will also ask how much free time a day you have as well as how many times a week you are able to workout and how fast you want to see results.  Please Email for Pricing. Price Varies on what you want accomplished and how long you want it to take.